Imagine Talks Podcast
What We Can Do Starting Now with Tim Hwang
October 5, 2021
Here’s a glimpse into the mind of a global technologist and visionary. Someone who’s given governments the power to give info in a meaningful way. Someone who has thought of the business case for Asian-American empowerment. And, someone who breaks down the steps to achieve that power. Interested? You’ll want to stick around for this encore talk by Tim Hwang, who spoke at Imagine Talks. Tim Hwang is the founder and CEO of FiscalNote, a global technology, and media company focused on delivering timely and relevant policy information in a complex and evolving world. FiscalNote’s core technology sustains products and services that power more than 4,000 clients — from small nonprofits to government agencies to large corporations (including half of the Fortune 100) — with software tools, AI-driven insights, comprehensive domestic and international data sets, as well human-authored news and analysis.
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