Imagine Talks Podcast
Entrepreneurship Focus and Alignment with Lan Ho, Co-founder of Fat Miilk Coffee Brand
September 22, 2021
Have you ever felt the need to pursue new interests? Considering entrepreneurship as a career path? And is it your dream to own your own business? Then you’ll want to hear this encore of Lan Ho, who spoke at Imagine Talks 2021 symposium. We previously interviewed Lan Ho for our podcast, where she talked about her company. But we didn’t really dive into the details of how she pivoted in life, away from a traditional career, a stable career, in pharmacy. Lan Ho is a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur, board-certified pharmacist, and Miss Asian Global 1st Princess 2020. As an accomplished formulator, she is the creator behind a sustainable personal care brand launching later this year and the founder of Fat Miilk; a direct-trade Vietnamese coffee company sourced ethically from Vietnam. You can find Lan in Daily Coffee News, Gazelle Magazine, Trillest, Fodor’s, and most recently Bon Appétit. She is a proud daughter of immigrants and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.
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