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Is Quiet a Superpower? with Jill Chang
July 21, 2021
Let’s say you’re the quiet type. The kind of person who likes to keep to yourself. The introvert. What do you do when you’ve got to go to meetings? To parties? To work events? That can seem scary! Can quiet be a superpower? Our guest, Jill Chang, has written just that in her new book! In this episode, Jill talks about the definition of introversion, combatting negative stereotypes of introversion and turning them into strengths, working in "introverted" and "extroverted" cultures, and advice for introverts during the pandemic and beyond. Jill Chang, author of Quiet is a Superpower, has fifteen years of international experience in diverse industries including sports, state government, and nonprofits. She currently oversees a team spread across twenty-three countries and has delivered over two hundred public speeches in the past two years alone. Jill entered the sports industry as a professional sports agent at the age of twenty-six and successfully signed five major league contracts for her clients within eighteen months. When she worked for a US state government, she was in charge of procuring and trading projects between the US and Asia. She is now devoted to international philanthropy. Jill is also a Fellow of Harvard SEED for Social Innovation and was featured in Girls in Tech Taiwan 40 Under 40 in 2018. The traditional Chinese version of her book Quiet Is a Superpower was a #1 bestseller and stayed among the Top 10 bestsellers in Taiwan for 20 weeks. Jill is a complete introvert (although most people find that hard to believe) who likes to get lost in a book with some music playing in the background and a cup of tea by her side. She is based in Taipei, Taiwan, with her family, and she regularly travels across the world to make a global impact in both philanthropy and in helping introverts in their career and leadership development.
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