Imagine Talks Podcast
Your Own Personal Brand with Samantha Mui
September 7, 2021
Have you ever wondered what the best way is to develop your own personal brand? Or about making your own versions of recipes in life – with a twist of your own? Listen to what Samantha Mui has to say in this edition of Imagine Talks, with this interview from Imagine Talks symposium 2021. Coming of age as a second-generation Chinese American, Samantha Mui had a distinct upbringing that has shaped her. She has recently published a memoir-meets-cookbook, a unique collection of traditional comfort foods, and variety of popular Eastern and Western dishes. As a young woman balancing two cultures, Mui found her identity in the kitchen. Influenced by the women in her life and her own travels, her dishes are simple and nostalgic, imbued with both her cultural and personal flair.
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