Imagine Talks Podcast
Do You Know Who You Are? Hacking Imposter Syndrome with Diamond Rypka
September 28, 2021
Imposter syndrome—is it something you’ve yet to overcome? Or, having a difficult time stopping thoughts of self-doubt? Then you’ll want to learn from Diamond Rypka, who spoke at the Imagine Talks symposium on how to overcome the feeling of unworthiness and self-doubt. Australia-based Diamond Rypka created the podcast Asian Tales to create a conversation to share the Asian American experience and insights that have made that community unique along the way. The podcast represents a beacon for individuals to look towards for inspiration and connection to identify and share knowledge and culture. Its mission is to break through barriers that others and, more importantly, the individuals have created in their mind.
 Watch Diamond's talk on YouTube video on the Imagine Talks channel.

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